CEP – The European Organisation for Probation: CEP aims to promote the social inclusion of offenders through community sanctions and measures such as probation, community service, mediation and conciliation. The organisation is committed to enhance the profile of probation and to improve professionalism in this field, on a national and a European level. The CEP website contains information on the organisation and structure of probation services in most European countries.

CREDOS is an international network of researchers, and policy and practice partners in research, who share a common interest in the effective development of offender supervision. It was established following a seminar in Prato, Italy in September 2007. CREDOS aims to support, encourage and engage in high quality, collaborative and comparative research and scholarship.

European Journal of Probation: European Journal of Probation was launched 1 April 2009 and was until 2011 a biannual e-journal (1 April and 1 October). From 2011 onward the journal has three issues per year (15 January, 15 May and 15 September). European Journal of Probation is a peer review academic journal aiming to promote comparative research on probation and community justice across Europe. The Editorial Board of the Journal includes well known academics and criminal justice professionals from twelve different countries. Starting with 1 May 2009 European Journal of Probation is in ProQuest CSA Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts (ASSIA) database. Since June 2010 European Journal of Probation is also covered in EBSCO database.

EurovistaEuroVista: Probation and Community Justice, first published in January 2010, is a tri-annual journal on probation matters in Europe. EuroVista aims to provide readers with an accessible, scholarly and relevant source of information on probation research and practice development for both academics and practitioners. EuroVista is a co-production of the Institute of Local Government Studies at the University of Birmingham, and CEP, the European organization for Probation.

Pervasive Punishment is a project aiming to ‘re-shape punishment and society’ debates by de-centring the prison. It uses innovative and creative methods to explore the lived experiences of community supervision. It is led by Prof. Fergus McNeill and follows from the COST Offender Supervision in Europe project.

Probation JournalProbation Journal was established in 1929 and now provides a national and international forum for sharing good practice, disseminating criminal justice research and developing debate about the theory and practice of work with offenders. The Journal is read in 25 countries, and has gained a reputation for publishing material which is both of a high quality and accessible to a wide readership. Probation Journal is not limited to probation issues and welcomes submissions from those interested in the wider community justice arena.
Irish Probation Journal: The Irish Probation Journal is a joint initiative of the Probation Service (formerly the Probation and Welfare Service) and PBNI. Each article submitted will be considered by an Editorial Committee composed of Probation Service and PBNI staff. The Editorial Committee is co-ordinated by two co-editors, representing the Probation Service and PBNI.

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