Past Conferences

The 11th annual conference for the ESC Working Group on Community Sanctions and Measures, 5-6 April, 2018, Vienna, Austria.

You can see the programme here: Programme ESC 5-6 April, 2018

The presentations:

Monika Stempkowski: Therapy as an alternative to punishment 




The 10th annual Conference for European Society of Crimonology, Working Group on Community Sanctions and Measures, 18-19 May, 2017, Barcelona, Spain

You can see the program here: Final Programme ESC 18-19 May 2017

The presentations:

Dana Segev

Ester Blay

Fergus McNeill

Jake Phillips

Jane Dominey

Lol Burke

Peter Raynor

Anette Storgaard

The 9th ANNUAL SEMINAR European Society of Crimonology, Working Group on Community Sanctions and Measures, 26-27 May 2016 Dublin, Ireland

You can see the program here:

Final program

The presentations:

Deirdre Healy and Louise Kennefick Histories of Probation in Ireland. A Theoretical Analysis

Pam Ugwudike and Gemma Morgan  Evaluating Supervision Practice

Elaine Ellis Probation Practitioner experience during the first operational year of a CRC

Philippa Tomczak The Voluntary Sector and the Mandatory Statutory Supervision Requirement: Expanding the Carceral Net

Kristel Beyens Electronic monitoring (Belgium)

Miranda Boone  Electronic monitoring (the Netherlands)

Fergus McNeill and Paul McGuiness Probation News: Information, Trust and Credibility

Hannah Graham The Sociology of Rehabilitation Work: Supporting Desistance and Recovery

The eigth annual conference of the CSM Working Group –
Sheffield 2015

You can see the program here:

Final programme for Sheffield 1-2 June

The presentations:

Robinson and Burke Becoming a Community Rehabilitation Company

KIR ECS WG Meeting 1-2 June 2015 v3

Consent & probation Evans Sheffield June 2015

Stephen Farrall The long term inpacts of probation

David Hayes Circumstances Affecting the Severity and Pains of CSM

Jake Phillips Emotional Labour and Probation

The seventh annual conference of the CSM Working Group –
Lund 2014

The program can be found here:

CSM meeting Lund Final Program

The presentations can be found here:

Decarpes_ESC WG Lund 05.2014

Grant and McNeill (2014) – one article on the quality of probation

McNeill LondonBA 0514

McNeill Lund 230514

Moving from gut feeling to pure facts


PSIProfessionalGuilt 21May14rev10June14

The sixth annual conference of the CSM Working Group –
Liverpool 2013

You can view the programmme and the presentations from this conference by clicking on the links. You can also listen to selected conference proceedings on our Soundcloud page.


The Annual Conference of European Society of Criminology – Beyond Punitiveness: Crime and Crime Control in Europé ESC logoin a Comparative Perspective, 4-7 September 2013, Budapest, Hungary.

Conference presentations are here:

Dominey ESC2013

Fergus McNeill (Re)Integration v2

Fergus McNeill Probation and social solidarity (short)

Ioan Durnescu Who Works Budapest 2013

Peter Raynor Skills and outcomes the results of JS3 Budapest 2013

Peter Raynor Social work skills in probation practice Budapest 08082013

van Zyl Smit and Snacken One cannot legislate kindness

Pruin How to release in Germany?

World Congress on Probation (WCP)

In October 2013, CEP (Confederation of European Probation) has organized the first World Congress on Probation. The Congress is a new initiative to bring together practitioners and those with an interest in probation and community justice from across the globe to share their knowledge and experience. The Congress has provided participants with the opportunity to examine and discuss new and changing probation practices, with the overarching principle of changing lives and behaviours. The Congress has run in partnership with the National Offender Management Service, the Probation Chiefs AssociationLondon Probation Trust, and West-Yorkshire Probation Trust and took place at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in London, UK – an excellent location to receive guests from around the world.

Previous conferences

Before the events presented above,  we met in:

Utrecht 2012
Edinburgh 2011
Barcelona 2010
Glasgow 2009
Barcelona 2008


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