About us

This is the blog of the Community Sanctions and Measures Working Group under the European Society of Criminology (CSM WG).

group photo Barcelona


Currently there are about 80 researchers enrolled in this group and we are looking forward to welcome more academics interested in subjects like: community sanctions and measures, probation, mediation, restorative justice, mediation, prison, legitimacy,  compliance, co-production, desistance and so on.

You can see the members of our working group by clicking here.

If you are interested to becoming involved in our activities, please add your details to the google doc. provided above.

Please note that all the members of the CSM WG have to be members of the European Society of Criminology.

For more information, you can email Miranda Boone or Christine Morgenstern, the chairs of the CSM WG: m.m.boone@law.leidenuniv.nl or christine.morgenstern@fu-berlin.de.

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